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Kent-based med ed agency ScopeMedical has boosted its in-house digital offering and says there are plans to grow it further in 2010.

Based at its Sevenoaks HQ, the online team now contains five people, with recent projects including websites and databases for Sanofi-Aventis, Novo Nordisk and Janssen-Cilag.

“It’s about building on what we had and giving digital the real focus it merits,” says chief executive Jeremy Williams.

“We’ve been delivering quality digital solutions for some time – now we want to develop broader and more wide-reaching solutions and to have the entire capability in-house,” he added.

Overseen by creative director Saul Kitchen, the team will focus on creating client solutions such as websites, viral marketing, databases and social networking.

The latter represents the biggest digital pharma challenge of 2010, according to Williams.

“Number one has to be social networking,” he says. “How to utilise and capitalise on it in a professional and consumer setting, while keeping within regulations.”
He believes that the issue of how to market product information to healthcare professionals in Europe will be heavily on the agenda in the next 12 months.

While technical solutions are obviously important, Williams says it may be that the cultural aspect of digital communications is also something to be overcome, “getting enough people to buy in to a new approach within the client company”.

“It’s perhaps about changing the business model, doing things differently to how they have been done before,” he adds.

“If I were a pharma company I would concentrate on providing services which cannot be delivered by portals such as Netdoctor,” he continues.

“In other words, provide services on how to get the most out of using a treatment, therapy or product.”

Recognition of digital channels as a means of pharma communication has speeded up this year, and in October the PM Society held its first UK standalone Digital Media Awards.

The event looked at digital work from the point of view of its clinical benefit, education, promotion or use of technology.

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