Recce Pharmaceuticals shares data from phase 1/2 trial for burn wound infection

Betsy Goodfellow | August 21, 2023 | News story | Research and Development Recce Pharmaceuticals, Wound Healing, burn wounds, clinical trial, infection 

Recce Pharmaceuticals has announced that it has completed its data analysis for its phase 1/2 clinical trial of Recce 327 (R327) for the treatment of burn wound infections. The therapy was shown to result in a visible reduction in bacterial infection within 24 hours.

Endpoints of this trial included clinical wound assessment (graded for specific parameters including erythema, hyper granulation, swelling and discharge) and microbial cultures of wound swabs. All patients treated with R327 showed good indications of safety and tolerability to the drug, however it was also shown in the trial that multiple missed doses of the treatment over a period can lead to wound deterioration, although this is typical of other wound treatments.

A few patients did not complete the dosing schedule of R327, one required systemic antibiotics for unrelated co-morbidities, which then disqualified them from the rest of the trial; another patient did not respond well to the spray application of a cold R327 solution to their raw wound surface. No serious adverse events have been reported.

James Graham, Recce Pharmaceuticals’ chief executive officer, commented: “We thank the West Australian Government for sponsoring this investigator led topical burn wound infection trial. The patient data received has paved the way to advance this new class of anti-infective as a topical application against deadly bacterial pathogens and a broad range of infectious diseases beyond. We look forward to launching Stage 2 as this study has facilitated.”

Betsy Goodfellow

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