Novo Nordisk presents positive long-term results for Saxenda

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Novo Nordisk has presented analysis covering three years of a late-stage trial for Saxenda (liarglutide 3mg) , which showed the drug demonstrated greater weight loss and improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors, compared with placebo.

As early as 16 weeks, 68% of people treated with Saxenda were early responders, with many losing 5% of more of their body weight by this time. Of these early responders, an average weight loss of 8.6% had occurred by week 160, compared to 2.9% with placebo.

Saxenda also induced improvements across a range of glycaemia measures including regression to normoglycaemia (69.8% vs 55.4%) and reduced development of type-2 diabetes (0.5% vs 3.2%) compared with early non-responders.

Early responders also experienced greater improvements in systolic blood pressure and improvements in health-related quality of life measures compared with early non-responders.

Professor Sten Madsbad, clinical investigator on the Phase III SCALE trial, says: “These findings demonstrate the predictive nature of an early response to treatment, which is important information that clinicians can use to identify those who are most likely to experience long-term benefits with Saxenda. It is also encouraging that we continue to see benefits in addition to weight loss experienced with Saxenda, including improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors and glycaemic status for people completing the trial.”

This data was presented at the first European Obesity Summit (EOS 2016).

Sean Murray

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