NICE issues new quality standard for cerebal palsy treatment

pharmafile | September 3, 2019 | News story | Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development  

NICE has moved to publish a draft quality standard on the treatment of cerebral palsy (CP) in adults, it has emerged, which is now available for public consultation.

With goal “to ensure adults with cerebral palsy can be as independent as possible and have equal access to every available opportunity,” the standard encompasses five statements designed to address the challenges of this patient group.

The standard recommends that any CP patient whose condition makes it difficult to live their daily lives, or those who may be affected by a planned procedure, be referred to a multidisciplinary team (MDT). These MDTs specialise in the management of neurological impairments and are skilled in identifying the ever-changing needs of this patient group, and can advise on specialist treatment options, such as neurosurgical or orthopaedic procedures.

It is hoped that these referrals will minimise management delays and reduce unplanned hospital visits.

In light of the evolving needs of CP patients, an annual review is also proposed to assess the clinical and functional requirements of each patient.

CP is a lifelong disease that impacts movement and co-ordination that originates in the developing brain. In the developed world, it is the most common cause of physical disability among children and young people.

Matt Fellows

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