Indian government set to colour code generic medicines

pharmafile | March 4, 2019 | News story | Sales and Marketing India, Indian health, costs, generic medicines, pricing, sales 

As part of an effort to promote low cost medicines, the Indian government has announced plans to colour code generic drugs.

It is hoped the colour coding will make it easier for consumers to differentiate between generic medicines and branded versions of the same drugs.

Apart from colour coding the government is also considering using symbols to make generic medicines more easily identifiable.

The move comes as the government pursues various strategies aimed at promoting the use of generic drugs.

Having made it mandatory for pharmacies to have separate shelves for generics, Indian regulators have also forced drugmakers to print generic names on their labels in a font which is two font sizes larger than the brand name.

It is hoped the initiative will work towards reducing the burden of out of pocket expenditure on pharmaceutical drugs. Currently, essential medicines constitute more than 60% of out of pocket healthcare spending in India.

Louis Goss

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