Health Secretary pledges to end transmission of HIV in England by 2030

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Through better prevention, detection and treatment, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has pledged to end transmission of HIV in England by 2030.

Reaching the goal of “no new infections” by 2030 would make England one of the first regions to reach the UN’s zero infections target.

The work, which will be focused on prevention, will be supported in funding by £600,000 from Public Health England’s HIV Prevention Innovation Fund.

The funding will go towards 13 innovative schemes aimed at reducing the risk of people getting HIV and reducing stigma.

The news comes as the number of new cases of HIV fell by 28% over the last two years. Meanwhile, HIV testing in sexual health facilities increased by 15% between 2013 and 2017.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “HIV and AIDS are challenges that we must rise to. The injustice, the unfairness and the sadness they have brought and bring to this day must be tackled by us all.”

“My generation grew up knowing AIDS was a potential death sentence. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Thanks to medical breakthroughs, public health campaigns, breaking down stigma and better education, AIDS is no longer a death sentence here. I feel proud that Britain has made such progress. But when I think about what’s going on elsewhere, I feel anger that our progress is not yet reflected around the world.”

“So today we’re setting a new goal: eradicating HIV transmission in England by 2030. No new infections within the next decade. Becoming one of the first countries to reach the UN zero-infections target by 2030.”

Louis Goss

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