Genialis raises $13m in Series A funding for the development of AI/ML patient classifiers

pharmafile | March 29, 2023 | News story | Medical Communications  

Genialis, a computational precision medicine company, has announced that it’s raised more than $13m in Series A funding, co-led by Taiwania Capital and Debiopharm Innovation Fund.


Genialis is developing ResponderID to find next-generation clinical biomarkers, using machine learning (ML) and high-throughput omics data to highlight underlying disease biology. This will help predict how patients will respond to targeted therapies. ResponderID has the potential to read any NGS-based biomarker, including bespoke and proprietary signatures, from a single assay.


Until this point, ResponderID has been used in collaboration with biopharma to analyse clinical trial data and inform future trial designs.


“ResponderID, Genialis’ predictive biomarker platform, enables precision medicine by identifying patients that are most likely to respond to treatments. Its use in drug development will optimise study designs and improve chances of clinical trials success, driving much-needed productivity gains for pharma R&D and accelerating the time to market for promising new drugs,” commented Hamzeh Abdul-Hadi, investment director at Debiopharm Innovation Fund.


Rafael Rosengarten, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Genialis, stated: “With ResponderID, we sought to disrupt the historical linear progression of drug discovery and development, rather aiming to close the loop between drug development, patient care and new drug discovery. We chose to focus initially on biomarkers that improve the efficiency of drug development, that ensure the right patient gets the right medicine, and make an impact on real people’s lives in a shorter period of time.”


James Spargo

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