European biotechs outperform US for investment return, report claims

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A new report from RSA Group has revealed that European biotech companies are “significantly outperforming” their US counterparts in terms of returning greater investment value, according to the performance of their boards, CEOs and chairs.

In terms of average market capitalisation, the report found that the US leads $3.1 billion to $727 million. However, the report sought to dig deeper to understand the relationship between a company’s leadership and its investment performance, and to this end compared NASDAQ companies to publicly traded biotechs on European exchanges including LSE, FSE, SIX and Euronext.

Using this methodology, the 20 most successful boards behind leading companies on both sides of the Atlantic were identified in the three year period up until June 2017. The findings are contrary to the generally accepted status quo, and stand as a caution to overly simplistic financial readings of the industry.

“Our goal was to bring insights that can be used in data-driven decision support, vital for building, assessing and refreshing boards. Better leadership planning can help ensure the best return on technology and capital,” explained Executive Chairman Nick Stephens. “For people running public companies or private companies with public ambitions, there is a responsibility to patients and shareholders to ensure that the board is as effective as it can possibly be. We believe that the new information uncovered by our research can play an important role in contributing to the success of biotech companies and in doing so, change patients’ lives.”

Matt Fellows

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