Democrat Presidential Candidates pledge to lower drug prices without Congress’ help

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Two Democratic presidential candidates said that if they are elected president they will act immediately to reduce the cost of certain drugs, with or without the help of Congress.

Both Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, said they would act independently of Congress and said that the powers of the presidency means they have the legal authority to rein in prices without Congressional action.

The comments came during Tuesday’s Democratic debate, but both did not outline what specific presidential power they would use.

Klobuchar says she has a list of 137 things she could do without Congressional approval. She later added that the many pharmaceutical lobby groups donating to Congressional campaigns means meaningful legislation on drug prices can’t get past.

Warren says she would act to lower the cost of insulin and drugs that treat HIV/AIDS, as well as the price of EpiPen, Humira and Naloxone.

The price of prescription drugs has been an ongoing debate across the aisle in American politics. In December, the Trump administration took steps to allow the importation of certain prescription drugs from Canada. Democrats clearly feel more action is needed to address the fact that 29% of Americans cannot take prescription drugs as directed, as they cannot afford them.

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