Chlamydia vaccine proves safe in Phase 1 trial

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A chlamydia vaccine has shown to be safe in a Phase 1 clinical trial, according to a study published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

The first-in-human trial of 35 women found that there were no serious adverse reactions to the CTH522 chlamydia vaccine.

The trial at Hammersmith hospital in London found the drug was safe and well tolerated, as the most common adverse event reported was mild local injection site reactions.

The findings come as both national screening programmes and antibiotic treatment, have failed to reduce incidence of the most commonly transmitted bacterial infection in the world.

The vaccine is the first chlamydia vaccine to have been tested in clinical trials.

Professor Robin Shattock commented: “The findings are encouraging as they show the vaccine is safe and produces the type of immune response that could potentially protect against chlamydia.

“The next step is to take the vaccine forward to further trials, but until that’s done, we won’t know whether it is truly protective or not.

“We hope to start the next phase of testing in the next year to two. If those trials go well we might have a vaccine that can be rolled out in around five years.”

Louis Goss

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