Bernie Sanders to join trip to Canada for cheaper insulin

pharmafile | July 12, 2019 | News story | Medical Communications  

Senator Bernie Sanders is set to join people with Type 1 diabetes on a trip to Canada in search of cheaper insulin.

The move comes as part of Sanders ongoing efforts to highlight issues surrounding the high price of medicines in the United States.

In announcing the trip, the Sanders campaign said: “Because of pharmaceutical industry greed, the U.S. price of insulin has nearly doubled in recent years, even though the drug can be purchased for one-tenth of the price in Canada.

“That price discrepancy is widespread across many medicines, which has fuelled the more than $69 billion in annual pharmaceutical industry profits, even while millions of Americans cannot afford the prescription drugs they need.”

 The trip comes two decades after Sanders joined women with breast cancer on a trip to Canada to buy medication that was a tenth of the price it was in the United States.

“Twenty years after leading the first Rx drug trips to Canada, Sanders will spotlight the corporate greed that has taken over the American health care system,” a Sanders spokesperson wrote.

Speaking to CNN, Sanders said: “Canada has a nationalized, single-payer system that allows them to negotiate much better prices with the drug companies.

“In our country it is a much different story. The pharmaceutical companies brought in $69 billion in profit. That is insane and it is a real threat to the health of every American. Congress needs to do something about this and when I am president we will lower the cost of prescription drugs.”

Louis Goss

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