Dr Michael Lutz appointed as new chief executive officer of iotaSciences

Betsy Goodfellow | August 18, 2023 | Appointment | Business Services Dr Michael Lutz, Haematology, chief executive officer, iotasciences 

The pharmaceutical discovery company iotaSciences has announced that it has appointed Dr Michael Lutz as its new chief executive officer. IotaSciences is the oxford-based leader of single-cell handling solutions based on its proprietary fluid-shaping technology, more recently focusing on cell and gene therapy applications.

Dr Lutz will take on the role of CEO and director, as well as becoming manager director for Iota’s German subsidiary at the Berlin-Buch campus. He will be supported in his new roles by Iota’s current management team including Dr Ed Walsh as chief innovation officer and founding director and Henry Walker as chief technical officer, who will focus on all product manufacturing aspects.

Over the last 20 years, Dr Lutz has taken on the role of many executive management positions with numerous life sciences companies, where he co-operated in building early stage enterprises up and growing already-established companies. Previously, he was CEO of HepaRegeniX GmbH, a clinical stage company that focuses on treating acute and chronic liver diseases. In addition, he has acted as senior adviser and board member for several biotech companies across Germany, Italy and Denmark.

Dr Lutz commented: “I am thrilled to join iotaSciences at this pivotal time with rapidly emerging applications and commercial opportunities for its proprietary single cell handling platforms. Given the recent acceleration of its commercial activities in Europe, the US and Asia leading to a doubling of its installed base, I am eager to contribute to further unlocking the company’s full potential in the field of cell and gene therapy applications and beyond.”

The chair of the board, Trevor Nicholls, also stated: “We are delighted to welcome Michael’s arrival at iotaSciences, bringing his very strong track record in shaping and developing innovative life science companies. I look forward to working with him to help drive iotaSciences to the next level. At the same time, we strongly applaud what Ed, Alex and Henry have built so far around the company´s proprietary fluid-shaping technology and its increasing transition into markets with significant growth potential.”

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