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XOMA acquires royalty and milestone rights for NPC and pancreatic cancer assets

June 23, 2023
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Oncology, Xoma, acquisition, oncology

US-based biotechnology royalty aggregator XOMA has announced that it has gained the royalty and milestone rights for two assets from …


Novo Nordisk buys Xoma diabetes program and scores trial successes

December 2, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Novo Nordisk, Ryzodeg, SGLT2 inhibitors, Victoza, Xoma, diabetes

Novo Nordisk has announced its purchase of a type 2 diabetes diabetes program in a deal with biotech firm Xoma …

Xoma opts out of in-house manufacturing

January 16, 2012
Manufacturing and Production Xoma, manufacturing

US biotech Xoma has decided to rely on a contract manufacturing organisation for its Phase III and commercial production needs, …

Xoma slashes manufacturing to cut costs

January 22, 2009
Manufacturing and Production Xoma

Xoma has instigated a major cull of its workforce, with 144 jobs to go in a move that will cut …

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