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Precision cancer treatment for dogs moves towards human testing

January 29, 2019
Manufacturing and Production CAR-T therapy, Cancer, Precision Medicine, car t therapy, dogs, t cells, t-cells

Scientists at the University of Missouri have developed a patient specific, precision medicine treatment for bone cancer in dogs. The …


Regeneron Pharma and Bluebird bio announce immune cell collaboration

August 6, 2018
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Regeneron, Shares, bluebird, collaboration, t cells, t-cells

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals have announced that they will collaborate with the Massachusetts-based gene therapy specialist Bluebird bio in an effort to …

Immune system exhaustion associated with irritable bowel syndrome

June 21, 2017
Research and Development IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, t cells

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have linked a specific type of irritable bowel syndrome with the exhaustion of the …


Second child cleared of leukaemia after Cellectis T-cell treatment

May 10, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development cellecits, childhood, children, designer cells, leukaemia, rare, t cells, t-cells

A targeted T-cell oncology therapy has successfully treated a second baby with aggressive leukaemia who has remained in remission after …

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