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Healthy cells in lungs can repair the damage from smoking

January 30, 2020
Business Services Cancer smoking, cigarettes, lung cancer, lungs, smoking

Human lungs have the ‘magical’ ability to repair the cancerous mutations caused by smoking cigarettes, but only if people quit …


Cigarette smoke causes superbug to become more drug resistant, study shows

July 30, 2019
Research and Development AMR, MRSA, cigarettes smoke, drug resistance, pharma, smoking

Cigarette smoke can make certain strains of the bacteria Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) more resistant to antibiotics, according to a …

Smoking may limit immune system’s ability to fight cancer, study shows

February 18, 2019
Sales and Marketing Cancer, cancer research, immune system, immunology, melanoma, oncology, smoking

Smoking may limit the body’s ability to fight melanoma, according to a study published in the journal Cancer Research. The …

iQOS heat-not-burn electronic tobacco product doesn’t reduce health risk, FDA says

January 26, 2018
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing FDA, Philip Morris, iQOS, pharma, smoking, tobacco

An advisory panel of the FDA has judged that US tobacco firm Philip Morris International (PMI) has not been able …


FDA removes black box warning on Pfizer’s anti-smoking medication

December 19, 2016
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, anti-smoking, nicotine, smoking

The FDA has decided to remove the “black box” warning upon Pfizer’s anti-smoking drug, Chantix, basing its decision upon the …

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Champix better than patches for smoking cessation

August 7, 2012
Sales and Marketing Champix, FDA, Pfizer, Zyban, smoking

New research shows that Pfizer’s Champix is better than nicotine patch therapy at helping smokers kick the habit. A Pfizer …

Health secretary calls for global action on lifestyle conditions

September 21, 2011
cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory, smoking

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has urged governments across the world to be “bold and determined” in working together to tackle …

New public health body to ‘nudge’ people on healthy living

December 1, 2010
NHS reforms, Public Health England, alcohol, obesity, public health, smoking

Plans for a new organiation to oversee public health in England have been unveiled, which will ‘nudge’rather than nag people …

GSK licences smoking vaccine candidate

November 30, 2009
Research and Development GSK, Nabi, smoking, vaccines

GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals has signed a licensing agreement for a nicotine vaccine candidate currently in the first of two phase III …

Boost for Pfizer’s Champix from NHS quit smoking report

August 22, 2008
Sales and Marketing Champix, smoking

Pfizer's smoking cessation drug Champix is the most effective pharmaceutical aid to quitting, according to new figures. A report on …

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