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Pharma provides aid for Pakistan

August 24, 2010
Sales and Marketing GSK, NGO, Novartis, Pakistan, disaster, pharma, relief

 The pharma industry is providing donations to help those affected by the mass flooding across Pakistan. As many as 20 …

Red Cross aid

More pharma aid sent to Haiti

January 21, 2010
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Haiti, disaster, relief

A week after the devastating earthquake in Haiti the number pharma companies sending aid to the stricken country continues to …

Haiti pharmacy

Pharma responds to disaster in Haiti

January 18, 2010
Sales and Marketing Haiti, disaster, industry reputation, relief

A number of pharmaceutical companies have sprung into action to help the relief effort in Haiti. The island has been …

Industry contributes to disaster relief in Asia

January 6, 2005
Sales and Marketing AZ, GSK, WHO, disaster, relief, tsunami

Pharmaceutical companies have joined worldwide efforts to bring relief to areas devastated by the tsunami in Asia, donating money and …

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