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NICE shares draft guidance for AI’s use in radiotherapy treatment planning

August 14, 2023
Research and Development AI, Draft Guidance, NICE, Oncology, radiotherapy

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has shared draft guidance surrounding nine artificial intelligence (AI) technologies which …


“Radical radiotherapy” cuts required treatments from 37 to 5

August 14, 2018
Manufacturing and Production Cancer, oncology, pharma, radiotherapy

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have been trialling a new form of “radical radiotherapy” which can be delivered in just …


Teva funds research to protect fertility in women diagnosed with cancer

March 11, 2016
Business Services, Research and Development Cancer, IVF Worldwide, Teva, fertility, radiotherapy

Israeli generics giant Teva has announced it will support IVF-Worldwide with a research grant to improve knowledge of fertility preservation …

UK government invests in new radiotherapy treatment

April 16, 2012
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Photon beam therapy, Proton beam therapy, prostate cancer, radiotherapy

The government is to invest £250 million in a cutting-edge radiotherapy treatment that should benefit 1,500 cancer patients in the …

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