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NICE recommend digital CBT for young people with mild depression

January 23, 2019
Research and Development CBT, Digital CBT, NHS, psychology, psychotherapy

Britain’s cost effectiveness body NICE has recommended digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for children with mild depression as a first …


Psychedelic therapy: A new approach to mental health

December 10, 2018
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing LSD, MDMA, controlled substances, depression, mental health, pharma, psychotherapy

In November 2018, a Phase 2 clinical trial found that 76% of patients who underwent MDMA-assisted psychotherapy no longer had …


76% of patients no longer experience PTSD a year after MDMA-assisted psychotherapy

November 6, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development MDMA, PTSD, mental health, psychotherapy, research

Promising phase II results suggest that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy may be an “innovative, efficacious treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder,” according to …

NHS guidance suggests mental health therapists should be brought into GP surgeries

August 29, 2018
Research and Development England, GP, NHS, guidance, psychology, psychotherapy

New NHS guidelines will encourage doctors to incorporate mental health therapists into practice surgeries in an effort to bring more …

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