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Researchers use machine learning to re-identify ‘anonymous data’

July 24, 2019
Research and Development Big Data, anonymous data, data, patient data, privacy, research

Anonymised data can be traced back to individuals, according to research published in the journal Nature Communications. Anonymised data can …


NHS partners with Amazon to offer health information through Alexa

July 11, 2019
Medical Communications Alexa, NHS, NHS LOng term plan, amazon, digitalisation, pharma, privacy

The NHS is collaborating with e-commerce giant Amazon to provide health information through the voice-activated, ‘virtual assistant’ Alexa. Patients will …

Patients lack data confidence in NHS

January 30, 2015
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Astellas, NHS, care data, data, online, privacy

A recent pharma survey has found that a majority of Britons lack confidence in the NHS to keep their personal …

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