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NICE issues draft guidance recommending sapropterin for PKU in children

February 25, 2021
BioMarin, NICE, PKU

NICE has issued draft guidance which recommends BioMarin’s Kuvan (sapropterin) at a dose of up to 10 mg/kg for treating phenylketonuria …

US PKU website

Digital Pharma: Merck Serono expands PKU website

March 16, 2010
Medical Communications Kuvan, Merck Serono, PKU

Merck Serono has expanded its European phenylketonuria disease awareness website, adding versions in French and Spanish. The website was originally …

Merck Serono launches Kuvan in Europe

April 24, 2009
Sales and Marketing Kuvan, Merck Serono, PKU

Kuvan, the first treatment for two rare neurological disorders, has been launched in the UK, France and Germany.Merck Serono’s drug …

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