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January 18, 2019
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Netherlands, Novo Nordisk, Roche, astra zeneca, prcing, sequiris, top 10, uk politics

Job switches were the theme of this week as AstraZeneca lost three, high levels executives to biotechs amid a restructuring …


Dutch health minister attacks Novartis over orphan drug price hike

January 15, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Cancer, Lutathera, NL, Netherlands, Novartis, oncology

Dutch health minister Bruno Bairns has called for a meeting with Swiss multinational Novartis after the multibillion-dollar firm introduced a …

Novartis to relocate Arnhem operations to Amsterdam, 400 jobs affected

September 19, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Netherlands, Novartis, amsterdam, pahrma, pharma

Novartis has announced it is to relocate its operations in Arnhem in the Netherlands to the capital city of Amsterdam, …


Dutch doctors resist pharma firm’s 500-fold price hike

September 3, 2018
Sales and Marketing Netherlands, leadiant, pharma, pricing

A group of Dutch doctors and health advocates are taking action against the Italian pharmaceutical firm Leadiant Biosciences who have …

Eleven babies dead after Dutch viagra trial

July 25, 2018
Research and Development Netherlands, clinical trial, deaths, premature, viagra

A trial of the drug sildenafil, commonly sold under the brand name Viagra, has been halted immediately after the death …

Dutch government sells off vaccine facility

March 1, 2011
Manufacturing and Production Bilthoven, Holland, NVI, Netherlands, Netherlands Vaccine Institute, vaccine manfacturing, vaccine production, vaccines

The Dutch government has put the manufacturing activities and capacity of the Netherlands Vaccine Institute in Bilthoven up for sale, …

Sale of Organon facility in Oss may avert closure

February 15, 2011
Manufacturing and Production Merck & Co, Netherlands, Oss

The fate of an Organon manufacturing and R&D facility in the Netherlands, currently under threat of closure by parent company …

Merck averts day in court over Dutch plant closure

September 7, 2010
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Merck & Co, Netherlands, job cuts

Merck & Co has postponed the planned closure of the former Organon facility in Oss, the Netherlands, after weeks of …

Netherlands ranked as top healthcare system

October 2, 2009
Sales and Marketing Netherlands, hc

The Netherlands has come out top for the second year in a row in a pan-European survey of healthcare systems. …

Schering-Plough opens Dutch injectables facility

June 12, 2009
Manufacturing and Production Europe, Netherlands

Schering-Plough has opened a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Oss, the Netherlands, to help meet demand for the drugmakers' injectable …

European research centres unite to battle cancer

September 9, 2008
Research and Development Cancer, EU, France, Netherlands, Sweden

Top oncology specialists across Holland, France and Sweden have formed a new alliance to improve cancer research and reduce treatment …

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