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GSK settles first Zantac lawsuit due for trial in US

June 23, 2023
Medical Communications Cancer, GSK, Pharmacy, Zantac, lawsuit

UK-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company GSK has reached a settlement with a US man who claims the drugmaker’s heartburn medicine …

Leading pharmaceutical companies sued in US for conspiring to drive up generics prices

June 11, 2020
Business Services drugs, generics, lawsuit, price fixing, price-fixing

26 pharmaceutical companies are being sued by most US states for allegedly conspiring to reduce competition and drive up generic …


Novartis CEO sets aside $700 million to settle bribery lawsuit

July 18, 2019
Business Services, Sales and Marketing Novartis, bribery, lawsuit, pharma, sales

Vas Narasimhan, Novartis’ CEO, has set aside $700 million to settle a bribery lawsuit in the United States. Speaking in …

J&J and Colgate pay $4.8 million each to woman in California

June 13, 2019
Business Services, Medical Communications Cancer, J&J, JJ, lawsuit, pharma, talc

A California court has said Johnson & Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive must pay a total of nearly $10 million to a …

Teva settles $135 million dollar fraud case over Medicaid price inflation

January 14, 2019
Sales and Marketing court, fraud, law, lawsuit, pharma, price fxing

Israeli multinational Teva Pharmaceuticals has agreed to pay $135 million after being accused of fraudulently inflating wholesale prices that went …

Array BioPharma demands $192m after AstraZeneca refuses to pay royalties

February 2, 2018
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Array Biopharma, AstraZeneca, lawsuit, selemetinib

Array BioPharma has launched a lawsuit against AstraZeneca over allegations the latter has refused to pay royalties it owes for …


J&J withdraws controversial vaginal mesh from Australian market

January 23, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing J&J, JJ, Johnson & Johnson, lawsuit, pharma, vaginal mesh

Johnson & Johnson has withdrawn its controversial vaginal mesh product from the Australian market after missing a deadline requiring all …

Johnson & Johnson face major lawsuit over vaginal mesh

July 4, 2017
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing J&J, JJ, Johnson & Johnson, lawsuit, vaginal mesh

Johnson & Johnson will face a lawsuit after 700 Australian women launched a class action suit over the failures of …


Sanofi launches lawsuit against Mylan over “illegal business practices”

April 26, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Auvi-Q, Mylan, Sanofi, epipen, lawsuit

In a move that is sure to pile even more pressure onto Mylan after the company’s recent woes, Sanofi has …


J&J ordered to pay $5m over false marketing claims

April 6, 2017
Sales and Marketing J&J, JJ, lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson has become embroiled in yet another class-action lawsuit concerning its products; this time the company is accused …


J&J hit by $1bn hip implant lawsuit

December 2, 2016
Medical Communications J&J, JJ, lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson have been hit with yet another payout to patients who claim its products caused them harm. First, …


Sanofi accuses MSD of US patent infringement

September 19, 2016
Sales and Marketing MSD, Sanofi, lawsuit

Sanofi has filed a suit against MSD in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware accusing the …


Former shareholders sue Valeant, alleging “vast fraud”

August 19, 2016
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Valeant, fraud, lawsuit, t rowe price

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has confirmed that it is being sued by one its former largest shareholders, T Rowe Price, who claim …


400 current and former employees join sexual discrimination lawsuit against MSD

July 25, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing MSD, Merck, discrimination, lawsuit

Over 400 women have come forward to join a $250 million gender bias class action against MSD, called Merck in …

Bristol-Myers Squibb settle $30 million California kickback lawsuit

July 20, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing BMS, Bristol-Myers Squibb, california, lawsuit

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has agreed to pay $30 million to the California Department of Insurance to settle an almost decade …

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