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The Lancet retracts paper that highlighted the dangers of taking hydroxychloroquine

June 5, 2020
Medical Communications COVID-19, Lancet, hydroxychloroquine

The Lancet has retracted a paper that claimed to show that people who took hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 had a …


New research supports association between Zika virus and microcephaly

March 16, 2016
Medical Communications, Research and Development Lancet, Zika virus, french polynesia, microcephaly, outbreak

Using data from the 2013-14 outbreak of Zika virus in French Polynesia, new research in The Lancet has further supported …


Cancer drugs prices vary up to 388% between high-income countries

December 4, 2015
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Drug pricing, Eli Lilly, Genzyme, Lancet, Novartis, oncology

The price of new cancer drugs varies widely between high-income countries in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, new research published …

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Hormone replacement therapy elevates ovarian cancer risk

February 13, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, HRT, Lancet, Oxford, oncology, ovarian

According to a new study women who undergo hormone replacement therapy nearly double their risk of developing ovarian cancer.  Findings …

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Government spending on Tamfilu is justified

January 30, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing BMJ, Lancet, Roche, Tamiflu, alltrials, oseltamivir, transparency

The most thorough analysis of Roche’s Tamiflu to date suggests that the controversial treatment can shorten the duration of flu …

Billions spent on European cancer care

October 15, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Europe, Lancet, Oxford, Pfizer

A new report has shown that cancer cost the European Union a total of €126 billion in 2009, with healthcare …

UK lag in early deaths

March 5, 2013
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Gates, Lancet, UK

The UK is lagging behind other developed nations when it comes to preventing early deaths from a number of diseases, …

Lancet sparks agency row

February 15, 2013
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing ABPI, Lancet, Luther Pendragon, Marlboro, Phillip Morris

Communications agency Luther Pendragon has parted company with cigarette firm Philip Morris after attention was drawn to the agency’s other …

NHS productivity not declining: Lancet study

February 13, 2012
Sales and Marketing Lancet, Lansley, NHS reform

A new study by the Lancet has shown that productivity in the NHS has improved over the past ten years.  …

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