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NICE gives thumbs-up to Roche’s Kadcyla in HER2+ breast cancer sub-population

May 7, 2020
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Kadcyla, NHS, NICE, Roche, UK, breast cancer

NICE has revealed that it has recommended the NHS use of Roche’s Kadcyla (trastuzumab emtansine) for HER2+ breast cancer in …


Roche’s Kadcyla beats Herceptin breast cancer disease recurrence and death risk

October 16, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Kadcyla, Roche, breast cancer, pharma

Roche has unveiled new data for its antibody-drug conjugate Kadcyla (trastuzumab emtansine) in the treatment of patients with HER2-positive early …


NICE says no to NHS funding for Kadcyla

December 16, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Breast Cancer Now, Kadcyla, NHS, NICE, Roche, advanced breast cancer, breast cancer

NICE has turned down Roche’s application for NHS funding for Kadcyla as a treatment for a type of advanced breast …

NICE rejects Roche’s Kadcyla for NHS; price still too high

November 17, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Cancer Drugs Fund, Kadcyla, NHS England, NICE, Roche

NICE has published final draft guidance on Roche’s Kadcyla as a breast cancer treatment, deciding that the drug’s price remains …


Roche under pressure to drop price of Kadcyla

October 27, 2015
Manufacturing and Production Cancer Drugs Fund, Kadcyla, Roche, breast cancer

The UK’s largest breast cancer charity has called for drug manufacturer Roche to drop the price of Kadcyla before it …

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Breast cancer treatment market booming

March 19, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Frost, Herceptin, Kadcyla, Roche, breast cancer, oncology, targeted, tykerb

The increased use of combined targeted therapies for breast cancer is set to lift the market and improve progression-free disease …

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Roche oncology sales shine but profits dip

January 29, 2015
Sales and Marketing Kadcyla, Perjeta, Roche, avastin, fourth quarter, oncology, q4

Roche has posted a mixed bag of financial results complemented only by strong growth in its oncology and immunology divisions. …

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Roche dealt with two late-stage blows

December 19, 2014
Sales and Marketing Alzheimer's, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Kadcyla, Perjeta, Roche, Xeloda, trastuzumab emtansine

Swiss giant Roche’s breast cancer treatment Kadcyla has failed to meet its primary endpoint and its investigational Alzheimer’s treatment trial …

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Global drug spending set to top $1 trillion

November 20, 2014
Sales and Marketing Gilead, IMS, Kadcyla, Perjeta, drugs, hepatitis C, sovaldi, spend

Worldwide spending on drugs will reach over $1 trillion in 2014 and $1.3 trillion by 2018, according to a new …

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The numbers game: getting quantitative information to patients

November 17, 2014
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Kadcyla, Les Rose, clinical, myeloma, numbers, numerics

The great physicist Lord Kelvin said: “If you can measure something, and express it in numbers, then you know something …


Cancer Drugs Fund ‘papering over the cracks of a bigger issue’

October 29, 2014
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Kadcyla, NICE, breast cancer, reform

Breakthrough Breast Cancer has raised concerns to the government this week over the ever-increasing price of new oncology medicines. Over …

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New cancer drugs escalate Roche earnings

October 16, 2014
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Herceptin (trastuzumab), Kadcyla, Perjeta, Q3, Roche, ado-trastuzumab emtansine, pertuzumab

Roche’s sales saw solid growth in the first nine months of the year, increased by the firm’s new cancer medicines. …

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Roche should be ‘shamed’ into lowering cancer drug price

September 16, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Kadcyla, Margaret Connolly, Roche, Swiss, breast cancer, trastuzumab emtansine

A public petition to force Roche to lower the cost of its costly new breast cancer drug Kadcyla has been …

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NICE: Cancer Drugs Fund must use our processes

September 3, 2014
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing CDF, Cancer, David Haslam, Kadcyla, NICE, Roche

NICE believes that the Cancer Drugs Fund should be aligned with its cost-effectiveness processes, after the government recently announced a …

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Storm brewing over Roche cancer drug price

August 8, 2014
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Haslam, Kadcyla, NICE, Roche, Yervoy, rejection

The Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity and England’s drug pricing watchdog NICE have both attacked Roche for not lowering the price …

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