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Chi-Med to get $10 million milestone from AstraZeneca after initiation of expanded Phase II trials in NSCLC

June 20, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, Chi-Med, Iressa, Tagrisso, drug trial, lung cancer

Hutchison China MediTech (Nasdaq: HCM) on Monday said it is expanding Phase II trials in non-small cell lung cancer to …


Boehringer Ingelheim’s Giotrif significantly lowers lung cancer progression in Phase II trials

April 13, 2016
Research and Development AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Iressa, giotrif, lung cancer

German drugmaker Boehringer Ingelheim on Wednesday said a mid-stage study has shown its cancer drug Giotrif (afatinib) reduced the risk …


AstraZeneca receives US approval for Iressa

July 16, 2015
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, FDA, Iressa, lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer

AstraZeneca’s lung cancer therapy Iressa has been approved by the FDA – four years after the company pulled it from the …

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FDA grants AstraZeneca immune drug orphan status

April 15, 2015
Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, FDA, Iressa, MEDI4736, MedImmune, NSCLC, US, gefitinib, non-small cell lung cancer, tremelimumab

The US Food and Drug Administration has granted orphan drug designation to AstraZeneca’s anti-CTLA-4 monoclonal antibody tremelimumab for the treatment …

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Retrospective study backs Iressa use in oesophageal cancer

November 5, 2014
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, Cancer, Cancer Oesophagus Gefitinib, Iressa, gefitinib, oncology

A group of oesophageal cancer patients can increase their survival by six months or more if treated with AstraZeneca’s Iressa, …


Giotrif increases lung cancer survival

May 16, 2014
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Boehringer, Iressa, Roche, Tarceva, afatinib, giotrif, lung cancer

Boehringer Ingelheim is trumpeting overall survival results from a new analysis of two late-stage studies involving Giotrif in lung cancer …

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Discount sways NICE into recommending Tarceva

May 10, 2012
Sales and Marketing Iressa, NICE, NSCLC, Roche, Tarceva, lung cancer

NICE is recommending Roche’s lung cancer pill Tarceva in patients with a certain type of the disease.  The watchdog said …

Erbitux (cetixumab)

Merck re-submits Erbitux to the EMA for lung cancer

March 30, 2011
Sales and Marketing EGFR, Erbitux, Iressa, Merck KGaA, NSCLC, Tarceva, lung cancer drugs, non-small cell lung cancer

Merck KGaA has re-submitted Erbitux’s lung cancer licence extension to the EMA after its first application to the regulator was …

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No magic bullet, but a growing arsenal against lung cancer

February 23, 2011
Research and Development ASA404, Cancer, Iressa, NSCLC, Tarceva, afatinib, crizotinib, figitumumab, lung cancer, non small cell lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer

A man in his 70s is waiting for his appointment with the oncologist after being referred there by his family …

AstraZeneca's Iressa (gefitinib)

AZ and Pfizer support personalised medicine database

February 8, 2011
Research and Development AZ, AstraZeneca, Cancer Research UK, Iressa, Pfizer, crizotinib, gefitinib, personalised medicine

AstraZeneca and Pfizer have teamed up with leading charity Cancer Research UK to help develop its stratified medicines programme. Stratified …

Tarceva set for first line treatment

January 31, 2011
Sales and Marketing Iressa, NSCLC, Roche, Tarceva

Roche’s lung cancer treatment Tarceva has been shown to help patients as a first line treatment. An independent data monitoring …


NICE approves trio of cancer drugs

July 28, 2010
Sales and Marketing Iressa, MabThera, NICE, Xeloda

NICE has given its final recommendation to a trio of drugs for the treatment of various cancers, which means the …

AstraZeneca continues personalised healthcare push

January 19, 2010
Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, Dako, Diagnostics, Iressa

AstraZeneca and cancer diagnostics specialist Dako Denmark are to develop companion diagnostics for a number of the pharma company’s oncology …

AZ’s Iressa to make comeback

April 28, 2009
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AZ, Iressa

AstraZeneca's Iressa is set to make a comeback after a European committee recommended its use for a sub-group of lung …

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