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More infections from contaminated eyedrops increase death toll

May 23, 2023
Medical Communications FDA, Opthalmology, eyedrops, infections

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released updated data regarding contaminated eyedrops. As of May 2023, …

New NICE guidelines to tackle antibiotic ‘addiction’

August 18, 2015
Manufacturing and Production AMR, Antibiotics, NICE, antimicrobial resistance, guidance, infections

NICE has published guidance to help health care professionals promote and monitor the sensible use of antibiotics – and support …

Antibiotic resistance outbreak ‘could kill 80,000’, report warns

April 7, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AMR, Nabriva Therapeutics, antibiotic resistance, bacteria, blood infections, infections

An antibiotic-resistant blood infection outbreak could lead to 80,000 deaths, according to a government report on threats to the UK. …


Cubist boosts antibiotics market presence

December 22, 2014
Sales and Marketing Antibiotics, Zerbaxa, antimicrobial resistance, bacteria, cubist, infections, infectious diseases

Cubist has followed-up its successful European approval for a new antibiotic by winning an endorsement by the US FDA. The …

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