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Researchers use CRISPR to reveal gene targets in 30 types of cancer

April 11, 2019
Research and Development Cancer, crispr, drug development, genes, genetics, oncology

Researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Open Targets have been able to identify thousands of genes which play a …

DNA image

£10 million competition for gene mapping

December 3, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing DNA, UK, cansar, genes, mapping

The Department of Health has launched a £10 million competition to fund businesses working on new technology which will map …

Mike Stratton

UK gene scientist honoured with knighthood

June 17, 2013
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, genes, knighthood, mike stratton, personalised

A British scientist who helped discover the BRCA breast cancer gene and paved the way for personalised medicine has been …

Study shows new genetic risk factors for MS

August 15, 2011
Research and Development genes, multiple sclerosis, research and development news

New genetic links to the immune system have been identified as a possible trigger for multiple sclerosis. The exact causes …

Verdict on AMT’s gene therapy expected soon

May 11, 2011
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AMT, Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics, gene therapy, genes

Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics says it will shortly receive the regulatory verdict on its gene therapy Glybera. Glybera (alipogene tiparvovec) is …

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