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Working mum develops COVID-19 vaccination database in Tokyo

July 1, 2021
COVID-19, Database, Japan, Vaccine, data

A 36-year-old former English teacher living in Tokyo, Japan, has launched her own healthcare database, Find a Doc, helping non-Japanese …

Scientists launch free, open access, antibiotics database to tackle AMR

July 24, 2018
Manufacturing and Production AMR, Antibiotics, Database, academia, resistance

A team of scientists, led by Professor Laura Piddock from the University of Birmingham, have launched a free, open access, …

ema building

EMA identifies GMP transgressors in public database

January 6, 2014
Manufacturing and Production Database, EMA, GDP, GMP

The European Medicines Agency has continued its march towards increased transparency by publishing – for the first time – the …

Cancer Research backs ‘unique’ database

November 11, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Database, ICR, cansar

An oncology database – said to be the world’s largest in any disease area and funded by Cancer Research UK …

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