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CureVac and GSK begin phase 1 trial for mRNA flu vaccine candidates

May 9, 2023
Medical Communications CureVac, GSK, Virology, clinical trial, mrna, vaccines

CureVac and GSK have announced that the first patient in the phase 1 section of their combined phase 1/2 trial …

Celonic to manufacture at least 100 million CureVac COVID-19 jabs

March 31, 2021
Research and Development COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccine, CureVac, colonic, vaccine production

Celonic are to manufacture more than 100 million doses of CureVac’s COVID-19 vaccine, with 50 million shots expected to be …

Novartis signs agreement to manufacture CureVac’s COVID-19 vaccine

March 5, 2021
Medical Communications COVID-19, CureVac, Novartis, vaccines

CureVac and Novartis have signed an initial agreement for the manufacturing of CureVac’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate, CVnCoV. Preparations for the …


CureVac enters collaboration with UK government on coronavirus variant vaccines

February 8, 2021
Sales and Marketing COVID-19, CureVac

CureVac has entered a collaboration with the UK government to develop and manufacture potential vaccine candidates against coronavirus variants, with …

GSK and CureVac sign £132m deal to develop next-generation COVID-19 vaccine

February 3, 2021
Research and Development COVID-19, CureVac, GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and CureVac have today announced they are joining forces to develop a new COVID-19 vaccine to combat future …


CureVac’s COVID-19 vaccine generates immune responses at Phase 1

November 11, 2020
Research and Development COVID-19, CureVac, pharma

German biopharma firm CureVac has unveiled interim analysis data from a Phase1 study of its messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 vaccine, CVnCoV, …


Tesla to offer “microfactories” to scale up production of CureVac’s potential COVID-19 vaccine

July 6, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing COVID-19, CureVac, Vaccine, tesla

Electric car firm Tesla has announced it will be supplying mobile molecular printer capacity to German firm CureVac, and possibly …


European Commission offers €80m to CureVac to develop coronavirus vaccine

March 17, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing CureVac, EU, US, coronavirus

Following confirmation of reports that US President Donald Trump sought to persuade a biotech to provide US-exclusivity for a potential …


Trump tried to solicit US-exclusivity for coronavirus vaccine, report claims

March 16, 2020
Sales and Marketing CureVac, Trump, US, coronavirus, pharma

President Trump has attracted criticism from all sides over his response to the novel coronavirus outbreak; after repeatedly downplaying the …


Lilly teams up with CureVac in $1.8 billion cancer vaccine partnership

October 19, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, CureVac, Eli Lilly, Vaccine

Eli Lilly has announced it is to partner up with CureVac to leverage its proprietary RNActive technology in order to …

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