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Allergan recalls 170,000 birth control packs in US over pregnancy fears

May 30, 2018
Research and Development Allergan, FDA, Taytulla, US, birth control, pharma

Allergan has issued a voluntary recall of its birth control medication in the US marketplace after an error in packaging …


Trump sweeps away birth control coverage

October 9, 2017
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing President trump, Trump, biotech, birth control, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Part of Obama’s Affordable Care Act included the provision that employer-provided health insurance must cover birth control, President Trump has …


Male birth control injection has high efficacy but side-effects halt trials

October 28, 2016
Medical Communications WHO, birth control, male contraceptive, pregnancies

The study, funded by the World Health Organization, found a jab was close to 96% effective in tests to ascertain …

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Merck in $100 million contraceptive settlement

February 10, 2014
Sales and Marketing Merck, birth, birth control, legal, nuvaring

Merck has offered to pay $100 million to resolve thousands of legal claims brought against it for selling a birth …

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