Veeva launches upgrade to Veeva CRM Engage

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Veeva took the opportunity at its European Commercial & Medical Summit to reveal the latest upgrade to its Veeva CRM Engage platform, with the launch of Veeva CRM Engage Webinar.

The new application will see the added capability to host webinars that could draw a number of healthcare professionals (HCPs) to view presentations on relevant products, in a manner that will ensure that the webinars are compliant.

The announcement of the new webinar services joins last year’s announcement of Veeva CRM Engage Meeting – an application that allows sales representatives and HCPs to communicate through online meetings and web conferences, whilst remaining compliant.

In its press release on the announcement, Veeva cited ON24 data that found 96.1% of physicians state that they see benefits in being able to attend more conferences, meeting and CME events virtually.

At the conference itself, Veeva representatives were keen to stress that as HCPs become more technologically savvy, there is a greater need to provide alternative, digital means to conduct meetings. In particular, a touchpoint during the course of the conference was the need to pay attention to companies, such as Amazon, that offer greater convenience to its customers and how this lesson could be applied to the life sciences industry.

“Online events are one of the most effective and efficient ways for marketing and medical affairs teams to reach more HCPs through the channels and mobile devices they prefer,” said Andy Fuchs, Senior Director of Commercial Strategy at Veeva. “With Veeva CRM Engage Webinar, the life sciences industry finally has a purpose-built application for virtual events that is simple to use and compliant.”

Veeva noted that through integration with Veeva Vault, speakers in Veeva CRM Engage Webinar would only be able to share approved and compliant content. Beyond this, the service would also be able to validate attendee credentials and provide data on how HCPs engage with the webinar.

A key draw for many individuals to attend webinars is the ability to interact with presenters through the question and answer sessions that usually conclude sessions. During the summit, the potential for such discussions to remain compliant was revealed to be the responsibility of those hosting the event.

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