US Pharma launches multi-million dollar media campaign to deflect pricing criticism

pharmafile | January 24, 2017 | News story | Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications PhMRA, Trump 

In response to a number of recent criticisms over pricing including president Trump’s message that pharma companies are “getting away with murder”, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has announced the launch of a new multi-million dollar advertising and public relations campaign.

The GOBOLDLY campaign was originally conceived around July 2016, when tensions concerning drug price hikes in the US had bubbled to the surface. The subject of pricing has remained a hot topic into 2017, culminating late last year with the then-president-elect’s comments and taking centre stage on California’s proposition 61, a planned cap on state spending for prescription drugs; it was defeated after the PhRMA funnelled $106million to convince the public to vote ‘no’.

Representing some of the major players in the industry, the PhRMA looks to be using the same tactics to win back wavering public opinion, with the first video from the campaign opting to focus on those working behind the front lines in R&D, rather than the faces of CEOs and other executives which are often the face of the industry, in a bid to drive home the value of biopharmaceutical innovation and developments. The campaign will be delivered through video, print and radio.

Stephen J. Ubl, president and CEO of PhRMA, explained: “Thanks to the tireless work of biopharmaceutical researchers and scientists, we have entered a new era of medicine that is transforming the way we prevent and treat disease. This campaign spotlights their perseverance and unwavering commitment to American patients for whom we all work.”

“Patients need to be front and centre of any discussion about the future of health care in America,” PhRMA president and CEO John J. Castellani added. “Continuing to incentivise the development of new treatments and cures will enable patients to live longer and healthier lives, help create a more sustainable health care system and drive our economy forward.”

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