Top Ten most popular articles on Pharmafile.com this week

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Moving into February,and the first weeks of Trump’s term, the US President has dominated the headlines in the industry as he has in mainstream news with his resonating intentions for the future of pharma, while a fresh scandal in the Chinese industry has taken the top spot.

Check out the stories our readers found most popular over the past week.

Price-fixing class action lawsuit levelled at three major insulin producers

Discussions of pricing have remained consistent entering into 2017 and a major case has been brought against three of the largest producers of insulin.

Pakistan drug regulatory body “a complete failure” according to officials

Key figures in the Pakistani pharmaceutical industry are calling for review of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) over concerns it is not fit to streamline healthcare issues in the country.

Potential treatment for opioid withdrawal discovered

A potential new treatment for opioid withdrawal has been found with an old drug, used to treat gout. The research could potentially lead to another tool in the arsenal of those fighting to stay the opioid crisis that is sweeping North America.

MSD puts best foot forward in drug pricing debate

MSD has attempted to diffuse its own part in the drug pricing debate by releasing figures upon the levels of drug price increase.

Sanofi & Regeneron’s arthritis drug scores first approval following FDA rejection

Kevzara (sarilumab) has been awarded its first marketing approval for use in Canada.

Trump’s “one in, two out” regulatory order threatens FDA, Obama Cures Act

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Monday has caused concern in the US pharma industry and beyond over its potential impact on the country’s regulatory system.

Amgen drug pair become first Humira biosimilars to win EU approval

Amgen drug pair become first Humira biosimilars to win EU approval

Five most talked about mergers and acquisitions of 2016

Here at Pharmafile.com, we look back at the big mergers of the year just gone and see how things have developed for the companies involved since the deals were announced.

Trump meets with top pharma execs, reiterates pledge to lower “astronomical” prices

President Trump convened with a number of top pharma execs at the White House on Tuesday to discuss the key matters of drug pricing and the US regulatory process.

‘Last-resort’ antibiotic-resistant bacteria found along 4km of Chinese coastline

A worrying development has been discovered in China, as the dump of 53 tonnes of antibiotics has been linked to the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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