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It’s been a week in which one of the largest pharmaceutical takeovers in history took place and yet it’s not the most talked about event of the week nor our biggest story of the week.

The reason? Well, when you have a perfect storm of a big pharma company, an under-the-table deal and President Trump all involved in a single story, it’s probably going to blow everything else out of the water.

Read our the week’s ten most popular articles on now:

10. FDA launches lawsuits against stem cell clinics after patients rendered blind

At the request of the FDA, The US Department of Justice has launched legal action seeking to shut down stem cell clinics in California and Florida for allegedly peddling scientifically-unproven treatments which have left some patients blind.

9. J&J’s ketamine-based antidepressant showed mixed success at Phase 3

Johnson & Johnson has revealed new data on its new depression drug esketamine, its chemically ‘left-handed’ version of the controlled anaesthetic often used recreationally, painting a mixed picture of its efficacy.

8. European approval for tablet formulation of Lynparza in ovarian cancer

AstraZeneca and MSD’s Lynparza has been approved for use in Europe, with the EMA awarding authorisation to the drug as a maintenance therapy in the treatment of platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer, regardless of BRCA status.

7. All eyes on dry eye disease

Dr Matthew Fyfe, Head of Chemistry and Intellectual Property at TopiVert, gives an illuminating look into the latest developments in the dry eye disease market, including the biggest players, their key therapies, and the emerging treatments which may one day dethrone them.

6. GSK’s CFO chooses to exit company

Simon Dingemans has been Chief Financial Officer at GSK since 2011 but has now chosen to retire from the position this time next year.

5. Novartis’ $1.2m payment to Trump’s lawyer raises more questions than answers

Novartis payment to President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had seemed fairly odd from the beginning – with many asking the same question, what was the company paying for? In a statement released to the media, it tried to clarify the situation but just confused matters further.

4. Valeant seeks clean slate with rebrand, new company name

In the latest attempt to reverse its ailing fortunes and distance itself from its polluted brand, Canadian pharma firm Valeant has announced that it is set to change its name, it has emerged.

3. It’s official: Takeda to buy Shire for £46 billion

After more than a month of uncertainty, Takeda finally confirmed it has managed to successfully acquire Shire, agreeing on a valuation of £46 billion and £49.01 a share to be paid in cash and stock.

2. Old osteoporosis drug could be used to treat hair loss

Researchers from the University of Manchester’s Centre for Dermatology Research have made a breakthrough towards the holy grail of the cosmetic pharmaceutical market – a treatment for hair loss.

1. Novartis caught in the Stormy Daniels affair, after huge payment to Trump’s lawyer

Novartis has suddenly found itself embroiled in the Stormy Daniels affair, after the lawyer representing her, Michael Avenatti, included the Basel-based pharma company in a series of payments made to a company set up by President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

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