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The year seems like it’s running away as we come to the end of April. It’s been a more tense period than usual in the industry as the Takeda-Shire saga has unfolded, and unsurprisingly, news related to the merger has dominated the headlines. That’s reflected in our most popular articles this week, with three stories related to the tale.

Elsewhere,other popular stories included Fresenius’ attempts to trash its planned $4.75 billion deal with Akorn, and the news that common antidepressants have been linked to an increased risk of developing dementia.

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10. Lilly’s arthritis drug hits trouble at FDA committee

FDA’s advisory committee were openly conflicted about deciding on the safety of Eli Lilly and Incyte’s drug, baricitinib, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis – before deciding in favour of a lower dose but not the higher dose.

9. AZ’s combo woes continue, with failure in lung cancer

AstraZeneca has been hit by a fresh blow in its search for an immunotherapy combination treatment that could differentiate it from its rivals, after a trial in patients with locally-advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, who had received at least two treatment prior treatments, failed to meet its mark.

8. Juno CEO and Co-founder steps down in wake of Celgene acquisition

Hans Bishop, CEO and Co-founder of Juno Therapeutics is to step down from his role now that his company has been acquired by Celgene in a $9 billion deal earlier this year, it has emerged.

7. Novartis forges forward into digital pharma with FocalView app

In the latest step to ramp up this push towards exploring digital tech solutions to age-old pharma problems, Novartis has revealed that it has launched a new app, called FocalView.

6. Fresenius attempts to back out of $4.75bn deal for Akorn

Fresenius has announced its intention to terminate the merger agreement with Akorn, over the $4.75 billion deal that the two companies had sealed in discussions last year.

5. Lilly’s arthritis drug found to prevent potentially lethal stem cell transplant complications

Researchers at St Louis Washington University School of Medicine have uncovered a promising extra application of Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitors, finding that they were able to prevent a common, life-threatening side-effect of stem cell transplants.

4. Takeda announce new UK MD, ahead of possible Shire transformation

“Jon’s appointment comes at an exciting time for the company” reads the company press on annoucing its new Managing Director of Takeda UK and Ireland; ‘exciting’ is definitely one way of describing the position for the man stepping into the role of ahead of the likely Shire buyout.

3. Allergan out but Takeda sticks to guns on Shire

Allergan performed an odd about-turn after initially declaring its interest in pursuing a deal for Shire, before reneging on that statement only a few hours later by suggesting it wouldn’t follow through on its interest.

2. $64bn Takeda-Shire mega merger inches closer to closing

From March onwards, Takeda has been nudging a deal with Shire onwards through repeatedly improved offers, which has seen the most recent offer reach $64 billion.

1. Common antidepressants linked to dementia risk

A large study looking at the public’s use of anticholinergic drugs, such as those used to treat depression and Parkinson’s, could be linked to an increased risk of developing dementia.

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