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Stories have erupted out of the industry this week with leaps forward in malaria and cancer R&D, some controversial drug acceptances and rejections on both sides of the Atlantic, and even an app which has been officially deemed as effective as the pill.

Also, don’t miss our recent features deconstructing Pfizer’s record fine for overcharging the NHS and how this came to be, as well as our rundown of the top five European countries by pharmaceutical spending per capita.

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10. Brexit could delay key drugs to UK patients, ex-MHRA chairman claims

Sir Alasdair Breckenridge has warned that Britain’s exit from the EU could lead to delays in key cancer treatments reaching patients if it also chooses to divorce itself from the EMA.

9. Novartis in collaboration deal worth potential $1.2 billion with Cerulean

Novartis has agreed a collaboration deal with Cerulean Pharma to develop and market potential nanoparticle-drug conjugates, with the deal being worth $1.2 billion depending on milestonse.

8. FDA approves Valeant plaque psoriasis drug despite suicide concerns

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it has approved Valeant Pharmaceutical’s injectable psoriasis treatment Siliq (brodalumab) for use in the United States, despite earlier concerns over risks it could pose to patients.

7. Malaria vaccine displays 100% success rate in clinical trial

A new era of vaccine development could be heralded by the 100% protection offered by a vaccine developed to fight malaria.

6. New cancer drug could give hope to non-responsive patients

New dual action drug ALM201 could be used to treat cancer patients in whom all other treatment avenues have failed.

5. MSD’s Alzheimer’s drug failure undermines potential treatment pathway

MSD, Alzheimer’s sufferers and their supporters, were hit another blow as yet another treatment failed at Phase 2/3 stage. The drug, verubecestat, failed to show that it was having any improvement upon patients and the drug was therefore discontinued.

4. Pfizer and Flynn: How are ‘excessive’ prices for generic drugs possible and should competition authorities do more about exploitative pricing?

Last year, Pfizer was fined a record sum for overcharging the NHS by exploiting regulation to hike the price of its drug Epanutin by 2,600%. Dr Farasat Bokhari and Professor Bruce Lyons dissect the incident to understand exactly how it came to be.

3. NICE turns down AZ’s chronic obstructive pulmonary disease drug

AstraZeneca’s Daxas (roflumilast) has been knocked back in draft guidance by the NICE, rejected by the regulator as a treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

2. First-ever approved fertility app more effective than the pill, experts say

Fertility app Natural Cycles has become the first-ever smartphone application and software solution to be approved by experts as a viable alternative to conventional contraceptive methods.

1. Top five European countries by pharmaceutical spending per capita

We arranged the top five European countries by the levels of expenditure upon pharmaceuticals; not all are from the largest countries and there’s a surprise omission.

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