Teva launch generic version of EpiPen for children

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A generic version of Mylan’s EpiPen, manufactured by Teva, is now available for children weighing between 15kg and 30kg in the United States, at a cost of $300 for a twin pack.

The generic, which gained FDA approval for patients weighing more than 30kg in August last year, is the first generic version of an auto-injector for the treatment of allergic reactions.

Teva’s version significantly undercuts Mylan’s branded version of the EpiPen which costs around $650-700 for a twin pack. However Mylan released an authorised generic version of EpiPen in 2016 at a cost of $300 per two pack, amid scrutiny over pricing.

Shares in Teva jumped by as much as 10% on announcement of the news, as the firm readied themselves to tap into the $700 million epinephrine market.

Speaking to Reuters, Raymond James analyst, Elliot Wilbur said: “Teva can capture about $290 million-$300 million in annual sales, or roughly 45% market share.”

Brendan O’Grady, EVP and Head of North America Commercial, commented: “We’re pleased to provide access to Epinephrine Injection (Auto-Injector) in two strengths for patients who may experience life-threatening allergic emergencies. We will continue working to ensure availability of both strengths in the US and plan to accelerate production to meet the urgent need for this medicine.”

Israeli firm Teva currently has the largest portfolio of generics in the United States.  

Louis Goss

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