Synairgen COVID-19 treatment moves to Phase III trials

pharmafile | October 20, 2021 | News story | Research and Development  

Synairgen PLC have said that its anti-viral treatment for severe lung infections is advancing to the final stage of clinical trials, as part of a US government-sponsored programme.

The ACTIV-2 study external data safety monitoring board recommended Synairgen’s SNG001 progresses to Phase III trials, in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients. SNG001 is a formulation for inhalation, containing the broad-spectrum anti-viral protein interferon beta, a naturally occurring protein that regulates the body’s antiviral responses.

The ACTIV-2 trial tests the treatment in non-hospitalised adults experiencing mild to moderate COVID-19, and is sponsored by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the US National Institutes of Health.

Phillip Monk, Chief Scientific Officer of Synairgen, explained: “SARS-CoV-2 suppresses IFN-beta production to compromise the immune system; the aim of delivering SNG001 directly into the lungs is to restore or boost natural antiviral defences to prevent the virus from causing severe lower respiratory tract illness.

“Unfortunately, despite vaccination programmes and early interventions, thousands of patients are still hospitalised every day due to COVID-19-induced breathing difficulties. Data to date suggests SNG001 is well tolerated with a favourable safety profile and there is growing evidence to support the rationale for delivering IFN-beta directly into the lungs to counter the effects of SARS-CoV-2.”

Synairgen chief executive officer Richard Marsden added: “The advancement of SNG001 from Phase 2 to Phase 3 of the large ACTIV-2 trial is very welcome news and continues to build the case that our formulation of inhaled IFN-beta may have an important role in combatting COVID-19 and future emerging virus threats.”

Lina Adams

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