Neurolign secures eye diagnostic tech from Neuro Kinetics

pharmafile | October 11, 2019 | News story | Medical Communications  

Neurolign Technologies has acquired US-based eye diagnostic technology firm Neuro Kinetics for an undisclosed sum.

Neuro Kinetics is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a major provider of clinical eye-tracking and non-invasive neuro functional diagnostics and monitoring solutions for the

The company’s technology will ultimately help to detect abnormal eye responses connected to over 200 diseases and medical conditions.

Under the deal Neurolign will acquire Neuro Kinetics’ assets and operations including customer relationships, all products, technologies and related intellectual property. It will also assume some liabilities of Neuro Kinetics.

Eugene Melnyk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Neurolign, said: “The acquisition of Neuro Kinetics accelerates Neurolign’s mission to research, develop and provide access to world-class diagnostics and targeted pharmaceutical therapeutics to improve the lives of patients suffering from neurological disorders, initially beginning with concussion.

“After watching concussed athletes in sport, and its impact on these athletes and their families, there is a need to advance clinicians’ abilities to diagnose and determine when athletes can safely return to playing sports. We will address this through transforming not just diagnosis and treatment of concussion, but also for a wide array of neurological disorders affecting the global community.”

Neuro Kinetics currently has over 90 variables and 14 FDA cleared tests and is now at the forefront of eye tracking platforms.

The FDA-cleared I-Portal devices can be used by physical therapists, audiologists, ENTs, neuro-chiropractors, neuro-ophthalmologists and neurologists across the world.

David Okonkwo, Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh and Director at Neurotrauma Clinical Trials Center, said: “Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), is a global public health epidemic and an increasing concern in Military Health.

“There is an urgent need for new innovative technologies that bring objective diagnostic data for TBI. This investment in Neuro Kinetics can accelerate the development and commercialization of this novel technology and take the lead in diagnostics across multiple dimensions of brain health.”

Nik Kiran

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