Moderna announces its global public health strategy

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Moderna has announced its global public health strategy through four new initiatives which aim to advance mRNA vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases.

The company plans to expand its global public health portfolio to 15 vaccine programmes targeting priority pathogens that threaten global health, advancing these vaccines into clinical studies by 2025. In order to accelerate research, Moderna is also launching a new programme, mRNA Access, which will offer researchers use of Moderna’s mRNA technology to explore new vaccines against emerging or neglected infectious disease.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and WHO have issued calls to action to develop vaccines against priority pathogens that pose a threat to public health. Their expanded global health strategy will advance programmes against the remaining pathogens by 2025. The company is also continuing its prototype vaccine approach, using preliminary versions of vaccines developed against representative viruses, which are rapidly adapted to tackle other related pathogens.

“Despite the rapid development timelines of our COVID-19 vaccine, and substantial efforts undertaken to scale up our manufacturing, the human toll of COVID-19 has been devastating and we must not assume that the COVID-19 pandemic will be the last pandemic that will impact global health. We are dedicated to pursuing innovative vaccine solutions to address infectious diseases that pose the greatest risk to public health through collaborative research and development,” said Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna.

“Since our beginning, we have focused on developing a global health vaccine program and today, we are renewing that focus by expanding our work to develop vaccines against priority pathogens that threaten global health and by launching our new mRNA Access program to create a community of global scientists to access our mRNA vaccine technology from anywhere in the world. At Moderna, we believe the world needs novel, innovative approaches to address both known and emerging infectious diseases and we know that we can’t go it alone. We are committed to bringing the full force of our mRNA vaccine platform to combat infectious diseases of public health concern and we look forward working with global partners to be part of the solution to prevent future pandemics and help millions of people around the world.”

Lina Adams

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