IsoChemiX develop molecules to speed up R&D process

pharmafile | January 27, 2023 | News story | Research and Development  

UK-based pharmaceutical drug discovery company IsoChemiX is developing molecules which will have the ability to cut both the time and cost of bringing a new drug to market.


The R&D process for a new drug is known to take between 10-15 years, with the cost of preclinical testing reaching £1.2bn-1.64bn to get the drug from the lab to the market. IsoChemiX say its product will make the process faster by six months and reduce the overall cost by up to £87m.


Companies need isotope-based molecules in order to test their drugs – specific hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon atoms are swapped for stable isotope versions. However due to frequently limited commercial availability, they are expensive. Currently, most of the isotopes used are sourced from Russia, so the ongoing conflict has raised issues about the global supply chain.


IsoChemiX discovered organic versions of the isotopes, known as stable isotope labelled compounds (SILCs), were not being specifically produced for use in drug development. Harnessing these SILCs will lead to reduced costs and development time.


Dr Sean Bew, associate professor at the University of East Anglia’s School of Chemistry and founder of IsoChemiX stated: “The potential our chemistry offers the pharmaceutical industry around the world is very exciting. Not only will we be able to produce a greater supply of the highly sought-after SILC molecules, but it will mean that we will be lowering the costs. That should mean the drug development process is shortened and drugs become less expensive to produce, which ultimately will be great news for the people who need them.”


James Spargo

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