Hummingbird Bioscience initiates phase 1b trials for sqNSCLC

Betsy Goodfellow | July 27, 2023 | News story | Research and Development Hummingbird Bioscience, Omico, Oncology, clinical trials, sqNSCLC 

Hummingbird Bioscience has announced the initiation of two phase 1b clinical trials taking place in Australia. The trials will evaluate HMBD-001, a HER3-targeting antibody which inhibits HER3 oncogenic signalling, in patients with squamous non-small cell carcinoma (sqNSCLC), and patients with genetic aberrations in HER3 signalling.

Recruitment for these trials is being undertaken in partnership with Omico, an Australian government-backed national network of researchers, clinicians and industry partners.

Jerome Boyd-Kirkup, PhD, Hummingbird’s chief scientific officer, commented: “We are excited to announce the initiation of our HMBD-001 phase 1B trials in Australia. We have invested significant resources in understanding how to identify cancers that depend on HER3 signalling for growth. Omico’s PrOSPeCT platform has created an extensive network enabling accelerated access to genomic screening, which allows us to quickly identify and recruit patients that we believe will benefit from HMBD-001. This is an important step in realising the promise and value of precision oncology.”

David Thomas, PhD FRACP, director of the Centre of Molecular Oncology, UNSW and Omico’s CEO, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Hummingbird Bioscience to accelerate precision oncology, and together contribute to better treatment options for cancer patients via clinical trials. It is this kind of partnership that will create a more sustainable and research-led model of healthcare.”

Nick Pavlakis, MBBS MMed PhD FRACP, board chair of the Thoracic Oncology Group of Australasia (TOGA) and principal investigator for both trials, stated: “Advanced lung cancer is no longer considered a single disease. Identifying biologic targets to enable targeted therapy provides hope for greater benefit than conventional therapy. Omico has provided the platform in which to identify these targets and these two trials are evaluating new targeted therapies in lung cancer subtypes with unmet need. It is thus exciting to be a part of these studies to be able to offer these treatments to our patients.”

Betsy Goodfellow

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