First US all-cargo airline to earn CEIV certification

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Amerijet International, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has announced that it has received the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) CEIV-Pharma certification.

The completion of the certification signifies that the company has achieved pharmaceutical-handling excellence. It also makes the company the first US all-cargo airline to receive the certification.

Amerijet revealed that, to qualify for the award, it had invested heavily in the technology, infrastructure and processes required to ensure the safe handling of pharmaceutical cargo.

The pharmaceutical industry has particular needs when it comes to the distribution of its products. In particular, there is a demand to ensure that temperature is tightly regulated through the course of the journey of some products, such as vaccines.

The value of pharmaceutical cargo that is transported is such that the strictest measures need to be put in place to protect the integrity of the product, which is what the CEIV-Pharma certification ensures.

“This certification reconfirms our commitment to offering the highest consistent quality, professionalism and transparency to our customers. Being the first all-cargo airline from the US to receive the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics is a direct result of hard work and the investments we have made over the last few years to our Temperature Controlled (ATC) programme,” said Vic Karjian, President and CEO of Amerijet International Airlines.

To ensure that all goods are safely transported, Amerijet has a temperature controlled handling facility at the Miami airport, which includes a custom-built cooling facility equipped  with active alarm systems, temperature data recorders and 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

The facility also possesses computer monitored pharmaceutical cooling chambers that provide storage environments for ambient (15°C – 25°C), chilled (2°C – 8°C), and frozen ( -0°C) shipments.

Rasheme Richardson, Vice President of Airport Operations for Amerijet, added: “As an airline, our role in the supply chain is to provide safe handling and to ensure temperature integrity for all pharmaceutical shipments. We demand the same uniform standards and processes from all of our business partners, including our handlers and trucking companies. Complying with the healthcare cold chain logistics standards, expected from pharmaceutical manufacturers and life sciences companies, helps to support the global healthcare initiative of putting patient safety first.” 

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