First COVID-fighting herbal supplement launched

pharmafile | May 27, 2021 | News story | |  COVID-19, herbal supplement 

The first herbal supplement shown in clinical trials to prevent COVID-19 symptoms from deteriorating has been launched by Swiss Pharmacan AG.

The food supplement, ArtemiC, works by fighting the cytokine storm effect triggered by the immune system. Cytokine storm and cytokine release syndrome are life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndromes involving elevated levels of circulating cytokines and immune-cell hyperactivation that can be triggered by various therapies, pathogens, cancers, autoimmune conditions, and monogenic disorders.

In the phase II double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, ArtemiC was tested on 50 patients with moderate COVID-19. Results show that by the end of two weeks of treatment, 100% of the patients treated with ArtemiC had shown significant improvement and within 15 days, every patient treated with ArtemiC had clinically recovered.

Results differed from the placebo group, with 21% of the control group requiring supplemental oxygen or mechanical ventilation, two needed hospitalisation, and one died the day after the study ended.

All patients who were treated with ArtemiC were considered clinically improved by the end of the 15-day trial and no adverse events related to ArtemiC were reported during the study.

Dr Nadya Lisovoder, CEO of Galilee Clinical Bio Research, said: “What we know is that COVID-19 patients who are mild or moderate can take it and it should prevent the potential worsening of the disease. The idea of ArtemiC Rescue is to stop potential systemic inflammation and it’s important to say that ArtemiC Rescue will not only be useful for COVID-19.

“There are a lot of medical conditions that are related to the cytokine storm, like the flu, pneumonia, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis. We believe there are numerous conditions where the centralized anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulative effect of ArtemiC Rescue can be very useful.”

ArtemiC will be produced and sold through existing production facilities and distribution networks.

Kat Jenkins

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