Faulty batch of Takeda’s paracetamol discovered in Denmark

pharmafile | February 21, 2017 | News story | Manufacturing and Production Denmark, Takeda 

Takeda has announced a recall of a batch of its paracetamol tablets, named Pamol, in Denmark after two packs were found to be contaminated with a different drug. The Danish Medicines Agency has told people who have taken tablets from the offending batch number should consult a doctor.

The packs were found to be contaminated with ibuprofen tablets, called Ibumetin, and therefore any potential health risks are minimal to most individuals. However, Takeda has announced an investigation into the incident and is consulting with its distributors to determine how the mix-up was allowed to happen.

“You should not take any of the tablets, if you have one of the containers from that batch. Then you should instead submit the pharmacist, who will exchange it. You should consult with your doctor if you are taking tablets from one of the affected vessels. The risk of experiencing side effects, if you take tablets from a container of the above batch number, is small. Both Pamol and Ibumetin are painkillers, which most of us can take without side effects. The Danish Medicines Agency is in constant contact with the company and follow up with updates if there are developments in the case”, the Danish Medicines Agency released in a statement.

The bad news comes not long after Takeda had successfully completed a deal for Ariad Pharmaceuticals in a $5.2 billion deal, reported on last month. The conclusion of the deal sees Takeda expand its portfolio in cancer drugs, particularly with the access to leukaemia drug, Iclusig, and lung cancer treatment, Brigatinib.

Ben Hargreaves

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