China urges firms to make generic versions of 34 drugs

pharmafile | June 25, 2019 | News story | Research and Development China, NHC, generic drugs, generics, patents, pharma 

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has urged generic drugmakers to pick up the production of 34 drugs that are not currently available as generics.

China’s NHC has published a list of 34 patented drugs which it hopes will be taken up by generic drugmakers.

The drugs selected include drugs whose patents have expired, drugs whose patents are close to expiry, drugs that are in short supply and drugs whose manufacturers have voluntarily applied.

The list includes drugs to treat life threatening conditions including AIDS and leukaemia. From now on, similar lists will be published every year.

The list comes after the State Council released guidelines calling on the authorities to take measures to boost the production of generic drugs that are in short supply. It is hoped that generic drugs will prevent shortages and reduce expenditure.

Louis Goss

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