BMS’ investigational psoriasis drug hits primary endpoint in skin clearance at Phase 2

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Bristol-Myers Squibb has unveiled new Phase 2 data for its investigational oral, selective tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) inhibitor, known as BMS-986165, showing that the drug demonstrated high levels of skin clearance in moderate-to-severe psoriasis patient, meeting its primary endpoint.

The study examined 267 patients, each randomised to five increasing doses and placebo. After three months of treatment, 67-75% of patients receiving 3mg twice daily or higher doses achieved a 75% reduction in the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI 75), compared to just 7% of patients receiving placebo. 44% of this number also went on to achieve a PASI score of 90 over the same period, while 25% of patients receiving the highest dose, 12mg daily, reported complete skin clearance.

The risk benefit for the drug was said to be favourable, but five serious adverse events did occur during the trial – three in the active groups and two in the placebo group.

“Currently, patients with moderate to severe psoriasis have a limited number of oral therapies,” said Dr Kim Papp of Probity Medical Research. “Having a favorable risk-benefit profile and delivering significant skin clearance and improvements in quality of life measures, these data suggest that BMS-986165 may be a promising oral option to help patients control their psoriasis in the future.”

Dr Mary Beth Harler, Head of Innovative Medicines Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb, added: “Moderate to severe psoriasis remains undertreated and many patients struggle with insufficient disease control, leaving a significant need for effective and convenient therapies that can provide a positive impact on patients’ lives. BMS-986165 is a novel, oral, selective TYK2 inhibitor with a distinct mechanism of action that has the potential to help psoriasis patients control their disease, and is planned for study in a wide spectrum of immune-mediated diseases.”

The firm has said it has now begun enrolling patients for a registration Phase 3 trial; the drug is already in trials for lupus and Crohn’s disease, with more testing in immune-related indications planned.

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