The Autumn 2018 edition of Pharmafile is available to read online now!

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The Autumn 2018 edition of Pharmafile, our long-running bi-annual guide to the latest trends, projections and thought leadership positions in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, is now available to read online.

In this new edition of our revamped format, Pharmafile centres on three specially selected therapeutic areas: infectious diseases, rare diseases, and immunology.

While leaps and bounds have been made in previously feared conditions like HIV, infectious diseases still account for some of the biggest death tolls worldwide. Unique challenges such as the delivery of medicines to remote, developing locations, or the looming cloud of antimicrobial resistance, mean there is still more to do, as our first section explores.

Rare disease is unlike any other in the industry; the $200 billion+ orphan drug market comprises more than 7,000 distinct conditions affecting around 300 million patients worldwide. Despite their huge impact, rare conditions present a range of challenges for reimbursement, return on investment, and patient access – our second section explores some of these key issues.

Finally, covering an array of conditions including psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis, the immunology space is set to double in value over the next five years to reach $113 billion, driven by an increasing prevalence of conditions beneath its umbrella. While much progress has been made, our closing section explores what we can do to push even further.

Inside the new edition, you can find a wealth of market reports, thought pieces and interviews with key industry figures within these three crucial areas. Read the online edition of Pharmafile Autumn 2018 now!

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