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Client situation

Abacus was approached by a client with a drug currently used in one cancer indication and about to be launched in a second. Aware of various market access and HTA hurdles which lay ahead, the global headquarters had a desire to have an easily accessible, up-to-date repository of information regarding HTA and market access processes, methods and recommendations in the two relevant oncology indications. The client wanted to understand what was required to achieve a positive HTA recommendation or market access in various countries in these specific indications and whether competitor approaches should be replicated, adapted or learned from for future strategic activities. The client had been frustrated by the deliverables of a previous consultancy which simply regurgitated the large published HTA documents into different cumbersome formats, without deciphering key messages or providing any strategic consultancy advice. Abacus was selected based on demonstration of a real understanding of the client needs and provision of strategic consultancy advice above and beyond the research task.



Abacus solution

After a scoping exercise whereby available data sources and local experts were identified and template deliverables were crafted and agreed with the client, the HTA/market access tracking research began. Abacus searched for documents relating to 11 countries some of which had formal HTA boards and some where surrogate indicators of market access were indentified. Translation services were offered for documents not written in the English language. An experienced researcher manually extracted data from separate HTA/market access documents relating to the methods employed when submitting to the boards, the outcomes of the submitted  anaylses, the recommendations and critiques


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