European Medicines Group appoints new officers

pharmafile | May 11, 2017 | Appointment | Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing European Medicine Group 

The European Medicines Group has appointed a new Chair and vice-Chair to its membership body of European companies, with UK-based operations. Richard Erwin, UK General Manager of Roche, has taken over the role of Chair from Dr Alexander Moscho, Managing Director of Bayer UK and Ireland. Alongside Erwin, Barak Palatchi, General Manager for Novartis Oncology UK & Ireland, will perform the role of vice-Chair in the second appointment by the organisation.

The membership body is made up of 20 research-driven pharmaceutical companies headquartered in Europe, after Allergan and Ipsen recently joined. The role of the organisation is to highlight the contribution of European pharmaceutical companies to the wealth and health to the UK. The organisations websites notes that the UK’s uptake of new drugs is slower and lower than most other European countries, with patient outcomes in areas, such as cancer, also being comparatively poorer.

Speaking following his appointment Richard said, “It is a privilege to be elected as Chair and in particular at what I consider to be a pivotal juncture for the UK in determining its future as a world leader in life sciences and, its ability to bring innovative medicines to patients…With the focus on the UK exit from the European Union, and how this is managed to ensure we have a sustainable health system and an environment which is supportive and encouraging for the life sciences industry, EMG’s views on the UK pharmaceutical industry’s place within this, become even more relevant.”

Recently appoint vice-Chair Barak Palatchi commented, “A priority for the European Medicines Group is for policy makers to recognise the impact of introducing additional measures to constrain investment in medicines, proven to be cost-effective and improve or save lives, on inward investment. The annual cost to the NHS of medicines is already capped through an existing agreement with the Government. I’m excited to take on the position of Vice-Chair and look forward to continuing a constructive dialogue to deliver a successful Life Sciences Industrial Strategy.”

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